This is a simple way to start getting into the era of digital currency also called Cryptocurrency. If you are not familiar with what is Cryptocurrency, I suggest check out google or youtube about what it is. Most of the words, is mostly about the subject.

These are the next step to getting yourself into earning Cryptocurrency. What better way to start is doing the BASICS.

First off:

Create a Digital Wallet by signing up Digital Currency Exchanges like coinsph

Sign up on 2 Major Faucet Providers(FaucetHubIO and CoinPotCO) which are proven to be legitimate paying sites which you can link/connect your CoinsPH BTC and ETH wallets. How they work and taking advantage of their offers

Their Corresponding faucets, mining, cloud based mining how to you can connect them to either FH or CoinPotCO.



CoinsPh will create 3 wallets for you.

A Peso wallet where you can withdraw at

anytime anywhere. A BTC and ETH wallet

to be used on FH and CoinPotCo. ETH Wallet

creation requires 20Php in your PESO wallet

to get activated.

CoinPot is one of the best paying sites on the web.

They have 7 partner faucetsites provided for anyone

who can collect free coins at a given time! You can

even Mine all the coins your machine can take. At

least 6th and 7th Gen CPU or GPU is highly


FaucetHubIo offers 4 more CryptoCurrencies

and has much more features like Buy and Sell

coins to your BTC. Updated Faucet sites in

more than 100 listings for each coins

possible! Also mining.

Of course at least 6th or 7th Gen CPU

or GPU is highly recommended.


There are only 7 Faucets site where you can claim here. This site is recommended for everyone who's getting to start EARNING Crypto Currency

 BITFUN      Paying direct to CoinPotCo

 BONUS Bitcoin   Paying direct to CoinPotCo

 Moon Bitcoin    Paying direct to CoinPotCo

 Moon Litecoin  Paying direct to CoinPotCo

Moon Dogecoin Paying direct to CoinPotCo

Moon Dashcoin  Paying direct to CoinPotCo

Moon Cashcoin  Paying direct to CoinPotCo

Another Method to earn from Coinshph is Via UnliCoins.

Here's how to get in to invest at "UNLICOINS"

As low as 10 Pesos you can earn 35% comssion!! 

This site is paying directly to your Coinsph PESO Account!

 Here's how to JOIN and REGISTER!!

1. Open your Coins.ph Wallet. Click SEND.

2. Enter any our accounts for today,


3. Enter the value you want as Registration fee:
 10 pesos -- 35% Comission

 20 pesos -- 40% Comission

 30 pesos -- 45% Comission

 40 pesos -- 50% Comission

 50 pesos -- 55% Comission

 60 pesos -- 60% Comission

 70 pesos -- 70% Comission

 80 pesos -- 75% Comission

 90 pesos --80% Comission

100 pesos -- 85% Comission

4.In the "WHAT'S IT FOR" box field, enter like this: 


5.Slide/Click the SEND button. That's it!! 


Here is a REAL sample EARNINGS 




On This site, FaucetHubIo is the opposite of CoinPotCo, has more faucets to choose, more games, Mining, Faucets to choose, and  Additional AltCoins.

Faucet Sites for BTC:

 COINABOOcom   Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 BIGBTCwin    Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 STARBITio  Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 HASHMONSTER  Paying direct to FaucetHubIO
!!ATTENTION!!! HashMonsterIo Deleted my account/Just reapplied with a new ref. Number.

Faucets for Doge:

 POWERDoge   Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

  COINPOTwin  (not the same with coinpot.co) Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 HERENASpace  Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 DigiTASKDoge  Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 DOGEFaucetGold  Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 BITCOINClubDoge  Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 ClaimULikeDoge   Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 AUTOClaimDoge     Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 AUTOClaimWIN     Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

                                                although there are times this site runs out f funds. You need to wait.

There are also Multi Faucet sites:

 CoinRotation    Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 8Raa         Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 Bitcoin-S   Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 Zandey    Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 UClick!    Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

ETH Faucet sites: 

 BestbitcoinFaucetsETH   Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

You may want to consider browser mining:

 CRYPTOTAB Both add-ons for CHROME and FIREFOX. Paying direct to CoinsPH

 COINGrabber for browser or PC mining. Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 SPEEDMine Power H/s The site jacked up their Min to 500 Doge.

                                                             Paying direct to CoinPotCo





Updated Sites

The links are all created using Shrink8 So sign up to Earn $$$ every click!

UPDATED SITES: These mixed sites can be faucets, mining, gambling or generators are listed but were not yet proven paying or scam due to very high Minimum rates. Proceed with care.

 DOGEMinerCC both mining and faucet. Min is 50 Doge.

 ETHCpucap ETH Mining at min 0.5 ETH withdrawl 1 to 3 weeks processing.

 MasterFaucetMe Faucet site but too many popups. Proceed with care.  Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 BFNCloudMining  A Cloud Mining site. You need to purchase Power to mine faster.

 E&EMining  Another Cloud Mining site. You need to purchase Power GH/H to mine faster.

 HASHMonsterIO A Cloud Mining site with lots of promising features and high rewards. Minimum of 50,000 Satoshi or 0.00050000 BTC.

 FreeBitCOin My first faucet, mining and game site for BTC.

 FreeDOGECOin My first faucet site for DOGE.

 Computta Mining Pool and Actual Software(CPU/GPU) mining. Requires to sign up, download mining software. min of 5 mBTC for withdrawal.

 BITFireMining A BTC Cloud Mining site which also needed power to purchase to speed up mining process. Min of 0.002 BTC , 0.01 ETH, 0.005 ZEC

------------------------------------------ Added 11:34Am Apr 20,2018

 DOGEFaucetCOM This microwallet site has features similar to freedogeco.in ONLY better  Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

 CRYPTOFun This microwallet faucet site has some features similar to freedogeco.in and but visually better Paying direct to FaucetHubIO 

--Updated LISTS--

------------------------------------------ Added 10:15am Apr 21,2018

 FREE4Faucet This microwallet has all the features of Coinpotco or FaucetHubIO plus click on ads. 4 currencies BTC,LTC,DOGE, XMR(monero via Email Only) Paying direct to FaucetHubIO

----------------------------------------- Added 10:00 am April 29,2018 

MIXFaucesBRASIL This sites has the combination of Faucet PTC and Mining 

 COINTIPly  This site has the same combination of Faucet, PTC-ads and Mining with an addition of their own COIN(which is convertible to BTC) 

 BTCOnline This is a fairly new mining site.

----------------------------------------- Added 10:22 pm May 4, 2018

 FAUCETCrypto This is a multi-Faucet site with 18 coins to claim from.    Paying direct to FaucetHubIO 

 FYMining Its mining BTC with power as a source. Upon signup you will have 50 GH/s Free. 

HASHTERio Its a BTC mining site that requires power to fund it. At sign up, you already have free 100 GH/s power but requires to have 250 GH/s for a successful withdrawal. 

 CLIXCoin  PTC site for BTC. Highly recommended for those are interested. 

 COINGrabr another BTC mining site where you can "Grab" some Satoshies for free!! You can deposite for POWER for faster mining! Paying direct to FaucetHubIO  

======================= Added 210 Pm May 7,2018

 ALLCoinsPW - One of the best Multiple Coins AutoFaucet/Faucet/Mining Combo site ever seen. I reommend this site while it is NEW. Paying direct to FaucetHubIO and Regular Wallet(Checking).